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My name is Daniel Lombraña González, and I am a fullstack developer and consultant with experience on crowsourcing projects, frontend and backend development using modern technologies.

I design open systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, security, and cost. Since 2011, I have been hired by international institutions like CERN, British Museum, British Library, Cancer Research UK, United Nations, Greenpeace Spain, etc.

I'm a senior developer with more than 10 years working with modern technologies like Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, Vue.js, Nuxt, Sass, Stylus, etc.

My work has helped on assisting in the aftermath of humanitarian disasters (like Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines) by geolocalizing social network datasets in real time. I have supported studying cancer using your web browser, analyzed oil contracts between governments and major companies, or recovered a massive set of archaeological findings of the Bronze Age.

I'm available for hiring for your project. If you are interested, please, book an online meeting with me so we can meet online and discuss about your project.

In summary

From a boring point of view

I'm a computer engineer by training and I have a PhD on Parallel Genetic Programming on Volunteer Desktop Grids.

From an interesting point of view

I'm the Founder and CEO of .

I'm the Co-Founder and Project Lead of and .

I'm an alumni of the .

Additionally, I'm working for the as a Senior Researcher and Developer.

From a visual point of view


León, Spain


PhD. Computer Engineer


Madrid, Spain


CEO & Founder of Scifabric

Other Occupations

Senior researcher at Citizen Cyberlab

Favorite Invention

The web

Favorite item of clothing


Favorite song

Yo soy el desheredado, El Meswy

Favorite film


Greatest influence

Richard P. Feynman


Running & Pilates

Greatest Ambition

Be happy