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The ultimate crowdsourcing framework to analyze
or enrich data that can't be processed by machines alone.

Photo by Scifabric

PYBOSSA is an open-source crowdsourcing platform that allows researchers, civic hackers and developers to create projects that need help to solve problems, analyze data or complete challenging tasks that can’t be done by machines alone, but require human intelligence.

The source code is hosted in Github and it is possible to fork it and run your own instance without problems. The project provides several application templates like:

  • Image pattern recognition: in this case, Flickr Person Finder that shows how you can classify pictures obtained from Flickr.
  • Video pattern recognition: using the popular website Vimeo, you canalyze videos quite easily with this template.
  • Sound Pattern recognition: thanks to Soundcloud you can analyze audio clips, like distinguising accents or transcribing an audio with this template.
  • Geo-coging: Urban Parks an application that shows you a web map that a volunteer has to browse in order to find an urban park.
  • PDF file transcription: PDF transcribe a simple application that allows you to transcribe directly PDF files.

The PYBOSSA framework is used by international projects like:

Talk with the team

You can talk directly with the team and other members of PYBOSSA in our public chat room.

Project Summary

  • My Role: Co-Founder and Project Lead.
  • Date: 2011.
  • Type: crowdsourcing.
  • Project URL: .
  • Source Code Github.

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