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Tagging pictures

Tagging with the crowd

Photo by Borislav Dimitrov

This PYBOSSA application was created to integrate it with the amazing plugin Annotorious.

Basically, lots of people in Crowdcrafting are using the Image pattern recognition template for finding patterns in a collection of pictures (i.e. Feynman’s Flowers).

When talking to the developers and users needs, a lot of them always said: ‘it would be cool if we can tag the pictures too, when you find something interesting’. Thus, I decided to look for a solution that would help me to create another template to use in Crowdcrafting but with a tagging picture feature in it.

Then, at the OKCon 2013 I discovered the amazing JavaScript library: Annotorious and since then, I wanted to integrate it with Crowdcrafting and PYBOSSA.

The result: a very simple to use PYBOSSA template that allows you to tag any features of a collection of pictures.

This template is really useful for scenarios where you have a lot of old photos, and you want to extract some information from them, like for example the names of the persons in the picture. In order to showcase this specific example, I’ve created a template that uses the Australian War Memorial Collection from Flickr to show how you can tag the name of the persons in the pictures.

The Annotorious plugin allows you to click and drag over the picture to draw a square, in order to mark the area that you want to tag, and write the information. In this example, the name and surname of the person. When the user saves the current annotations as an answer, Crowdcrafting will distribute the same picture to 30 different people to get some knowledge and validate properly the names of the persons. In other words, thanks to this template you can do crowd driven picture tagging of pictures in a very simple way.

Project Summary

  • My Role: lead developer.
  • Date: 2013.
  • Type: crowdsourcing.
  • Project URL: .
  • Source Code Github.