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Sr. Alérgeno

A platform for classifying food products that might have allergens in its ingredients.

Photo by Scifabric

Sr. Alérgeno is a platform developed by Scifabric and Soysuper, a joint partnership because some of the people of these companies are celiac.

Our goal is to classify products that have allergens, and we’ve started detecting wheat (or traces of it) in the ingredients, so celiac people can check those products when shopping.

Nowadays lots of products have a label that guarantee that they are “gluten-free”, however there many more where it’s not totally clear.

For these reasons, we created the platform, using PYBOSSA technology, where citizens classify those products. Thanks to this effort, people will be able to search for gluten free products directly from their phones when doing the shopping, and we will be able to ask the brands to improve their labeling.

The platform shares all the information openly, so you can use it as you wish! Enjoy!!

Project Summary

  • My Role: founder & project lead.
  • Date: 2016.
  • Type: crowdsourcing.
  • Project URL: .

Project Partners